Sycamore Shoals

Visit to Sycamore Shoals State Historical Park, Elizabethton, TN. Includes references to the Overmountain Men's King's Mountain Campaign and Victory Trail.

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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Fort Watauga at Sycamore Shoals

Fort Watauga, established 1776 along the Watauga River Posted by Picasa

The original Fort Watauga was built in 1775 and helped save the settlement when in the summer of 1776 the Cherokee Chief, Dragging Canoe, attempted to overtake the fort and capture, or kill, its occupants. Following an unsuccessful two-week seige, he withdrew. More on the life of Dragging Canoe: (1) (2)


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I am a fiction writer of western frontier eBooks set in Colorado in the 1890's and I love this photo.

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